• Email Address: info@tuelimike.org
  • Phone number: +255 753 391 418
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Tuelimike is a non-governmental organization working Tanzania Mainland, its headquarters is in Isanjandugu Village, Nsimbo Ward, Nsimbo Council, Mpanda District in Katavi Region. It is registered with number 00NGO/R1/00984 under the law of non-governmental organizations no. 24 of the year 2002. Tuelimike aims to enable the community to get Education in and out the classroom to be able to develop understanding in the environment around us, especially in rural areas


Tapping into the knowledge space and sharing experiences to build the capacity of people of all ages as a priority to achieve positive change.  LIABILITY: Looking at rural communities using knowledge to bring about changes in developmental programs using opportunities and knowledge as a way to reduce extreme poverty through cooperation, confidence and courage

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Karibu kwenye tovuti rasmi ya TUELIMIKE. Sisi ni shirika lisilo la kiserikali linalofanya kazi Tanzania bara; makao makuu yetu yapo katika Kijiji cha Isanjandugu, Kata ya Nsimbo, Halmashauri ya Nsimbo wilayani Mpanda mkoani Katavi.